• TFC Organization Structure Comprises of:-
  • Annual General Meeting – AGM

  • Board members

  • Executive Secretary

  • Director of Co-operative Development:-

  •         Research and Marketing Dpt.

            Education and Knowledge Mgt Dpt.

            Policy and Planning Dpt.

            Insurance Dpt.

            Printing Press Dpt.

  • Director of Finance and Administration:-

  •         Finance Dpt.

            Human Resource Dpt.

  • Legal Secretary

  • Chief Internal Audito


Tanzania Federation of Co-operatives Ltd; is the national cooperative Umbrella Organization that promotes, serves and coordinates the work of cooperative societies in mainland Tanzania. (Cooperatives are voluntary organizations, open to all persons able to use their services and willing to accept the responsibilities of membership, without gender, social, racial, political or religious discrimination. ICA Statement of Identity, 1995).


TFC is an autonomous, non– governmental and non– partisan body that is member owned and managed in the spirit of internationally recognized co-operative principles and values.


TFC is also a member of International Co-operative Alliance (ICA), East African Farmers Federation (EAFF), International Federation of Agricultural Producers (IFAP) and Committee of Artisanal and Workers Cooperatives (CICOPA). Nationally, TFC is founder member Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF) and Agricultural Council Tanzania (ACT), formerly Tanzania Chamber of Agriculture and Livestock.It collaborates with several other national and International stakeholders such as various Government ministries, ILO, FAO, IFAD, TUCTA, MVIWATA, SIDO, etc.

TFC was registered on 8th December, 1994 with Registration Number 5503. Founding Members of TFC consists of five national cooperative apexes, two specialized Unions (Savings and Credit Cooperative Union of Tanzania – SCCULT and Tanzania Industrial Co-operative Union and six Cooperative Unions.


TFC replaced the former Cooperative Union of Tanzania (CUT) following the adoption of the new policy and enactment of the cooperative Act in 1991 which rescinded the political association of the cooperative movement as a mass organization of the ruling party. Therefore,since the cooperative Act of 2003 stressed on promoting autonomy of Cooperatives and member empowerment, there was a need to have an independent cooperative body as a result TFC was formed. Since its establishment TFC has participated in different ways of uniting cooperative societies in the country, thus creating a prosperous environment for them to operate on the basis of the Cooperative Principles. TFC has promoted member empowerment and ownership in cooperative societies for the mutual benefits of co-operators andthe Country as a whole.


“A national cooperative umbrella, for strong and sustainable cooperative movement in Tanzania”


“Create, empower and sustain cooperative movement, through innovative transfer of knowledge,research and networking, for improved cooperative productivity, value addition and marketaccess of the cooperative products while adhering to cooperative principles, values and members satisfaction "


“Promote Cooperative Movement and investigate problems related to market access for the cooperative business and seek for the network and proper partners associated and interested with cooperative products, while preserving the cooperative identity.”